Massage is our passion

The staff of the Endorfina massage parlor is located in Poznań and consists of true enthusiasts. The most important thing is pleasure, and for us the most important pleasure is blissful relaxation on the face of each client. We are a unique place where you will experience the magic of touch, relaxation and relaxation. You will regain energy and soothe your body and soul.

The massage puts the body in a state of calmness, reduces pain and returns vitality. Enjoy the sensual touch of your hands, the scent of candles and essential oils. Leave your daily routine and indulge in some endorphins.

At the Endorfina Salon, our sessions are individual, and the massages we create are selected according to the needs of our clients. Through work and study, we improve massages and introduce new products that you will not find in other salons. For another person, the sensual touch of a hand removes tension, stress, adds beauty, can be salutary, and can even heal.